IJBSPT 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1

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International Journal of BioSciences, Psychiatry and Technology (IJBSPT)


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on this Day, the Eighth Day of May, Two Thousand and Nine Years A.D.

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Multiple Phase Locked Loop Meditative Guidance using BioPhotonic Communication and BioAcoustic Fields -- A Retroanalysis. Neela Iyer, A.Prabhu Britto, K. Sridhar, Justin Chernow, Elizabeth Maier, Sant Maa Vaishnavi Devi, Sant Maa Ananta Devi, Sant Maa Aparna Devi, Dhyanyogi Omdasji Maharaj

Tracking Activities in Complex Settings Using Smart Environment Technologies. Geetika Singla, Diane J. Cook, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe

Spatial Variation in Air Ion Concentrations under different Indoor Environments. Kamlesh Singh, Anushree Malik and Manoneet Singh